Newsletter July 2018

News! News! News! Hazeldene Heights Pre-school July 2018

Dear Parents/Carer
There have been a number of exciting events this term, with more still to come! Here is a quick update.

Save the Children – Den Week – 9th – 13th July
We are having an exciting time learning to work as a team, whilst building dens from a variety of materials, children are learning about where people live and their different types of homes. We would welcome a monetary donation for Save the Children.

Sponsored Bounce –
Many thanks for your support and the fantastic donations that have been coming in; we will be looking to buy some resources with the proceeds. We will update you on the final amount as soon as we can but so far we have raised £299.00. Please could any outstanding monies be sent into Preschool as soon as possible.

Sporty/Healthy week –
We had great fun during the week; participating in races, playing ball games, yoga and mastering obstacle courses. We used our senses to explore new fruits and received ‘well done’ medals for taking part.

Group Photographs –
A professional photographer took some lovely pictures of the children in some of the sessions. These are available for purchase for a very limited time at the cost of £13.00 each.

Transition documents –
If your child is leaving us you will be asked to read and sign a transition document that will be passed to your child’s new setting, please ensure that these are returned promptly. Before your child leaves you will receive their learning journey folder, some schools/settings do ask to see them so please keep them safe.

Teddy Bears Party – Thursday 19th July
We will be holding a ‘Teddy Bears party’ on Thursday 19th, if your child normally attends on a Thursday please send your child along with their teddy bear or other favourite soft toy (named if possible). If there are any allergies that we are not aware off please speak to Laura, Shelley or Georgina as soon as possible.

End of Term Concert – Friday 20th July
We would like to invite all of the children together with their families to our end of term Concert. We would be grateful if you would arrive at 10.15am for a 10.30am start. All children must be accompanied. If you will not be attending the concert, please advise us of the last day your child will be present at Pre School, especially the children who will be leaving us. After the concert if you have time please stay and join us for a cup of tea/coffee etc. so that the staff can say their goodbyes. This is also an opportunity to arrange meet ups with other parents and their children over the very long summer holiday. Please note that there are no clubs or morning sessions this day.

Play room –
We will be arranging short visits to the Playroom for those children who will be having sessions in there next term. If you have any concerns please speak to a member of staff.

Pre School Gifts –
A few parents have asked about buying a leaving gift. Whilst we greatly appreciate any gift given by a child and their family, over the last few years we have been inundated with chocolates or biscuits and so, in the interests of our waistlines, we would be extremely grateful if gifts took the form of a gift voucher for Preschool (Amazon would be preferred) so that we can purchase books etc. for the setting. Alternatively, donations addressed to the Pre School would be wonderful. If you feel that you would prefer to thank a member of staff individually, then of course that would also be warmly welcomed.

Reminders and Information

Afternoon sessions –
Next term We have a limited number of afternoon sessions available for next term if you are interested in any additional afternoon sessions please speak to Laura, Shelley or Georgina as soon as possible.

We now request that ALL outstanding fees are paid in full.

Snack Donations
Please could these be made as soon as possible. Thank you to the many parents who have already given a contribution.

Garden area
With free access to the garden please ensure that your child has suitable clothing for outdoor play, the children love to dig in the garden and they may get dirty. But, with our changeable climate, please provide them with clothing that is suitable for the day. As the warmer weather is now with us please remember to apply sun cream before you leave home and provide a hat (named) for your child. If your child attends for the whole day and you would like us to apply sun cream after lunch please provide us with a bottle clearly labelled with their name and complete a permission form. (For the safety of all the children please do not leave bottles of sun cream in bags)

Contact Information
Please keep us informed of any change of contact details especially mobile phone numbers for the texting system, this is a valuable service and it helps us keep in touch especially at short notice. Also any change of address, or updates from speech therapists, allergies etc. Over the holidays please contact us by email at if there is any information that we may need.

If your child is not going to be at Pre-School for any reason it is important that you let us know. For holidays etc please inform a member of staff alternatively for sickness or any other reason please telephone us on 01234 326685. If no one is available to take you call please leave a message.

PLEASE DO NOT park at the front of the Church or in the disabled spaces (unless you have a valid badge). With children entering and leaving the building at busy times we want their safety to be paramount so PLEASE drive carefully. There is ample parking nearby.

Diary Dates
Thursday 19th July – Teddy Bears party – (don’t forget teddy or soft toy)
Friday 20th July – End of Term Concert (No clubs or morning sessions that day)
Wednesday 5th September – Pre School sessions resume.

Sadly after 20 years with the setting I will be leaving at the end of term, I’ve been very fortunate to get to know many wonderful children and their families throughout that time and to have worked with fantastic staff who I will greatly miss. On behalf of all of the staff I would like to wish all of the children who will be leaving us every success at their new school or setting. We hope that everyone has a wonderful summer and for those families who will be returning we look forward to seeing you in September.

Thank you

Laura Leggett

Hazeldene Heights Pre School has a statutory duty to Safeguard and Protect Children in their care