Lunch Club Advice

Please send your child’s lunch in a named Lunch Bag/Box. It’s advisable to include a small ice pack.

Please include a drink (if your child does not have a drink we will provide water).

Please do not include any nuts or items with nuts in them, including Nutella.

Please cut in half lengthways grapes, cherry tomatoes, cherries, cocktail sausages (any small round fruit that could possibly cause a choking hazard).

Please remove fruit shoot/yogurt pouch small lids as children may try to open with their mouth and therefore this can cause a choking risk.

Please try and include items of food that you know your child likes.

Try not to include too much as this can be overwhelming. At this age approx. 4 items is appropriate. All children are different and some may eat more or less.

Here are some ideas:-A sandwich or roll cut in to a child’s portion size (triangles/rectangles/squares)


Cooked pasta (to eat warm – store in a small food thermos pot) OR Pitta Bread with Houmous/Wraps/Pancakes/Bagels:-

A piece of fruit in a container to keep it fresh please cut to avoid choking. A portion size of grapes /raspberries/strawberries etc. would be a handful. Or a packet of dried fruit or a box of raisins. Cherry tomatoes cut in half or sticks of cucumber/carrots:-

Cheese Strings/Strips, Babybel, Cheese Dippers, Diced cheese, Yogurt/Fromage frais (pot with a spoon or tube/pouch), Custard or Jelly:-

A cake or small packet of biscuits.

See the following website for further ideas:-
Please see Shelley, Georgina or Nuru if you have any questions, we are happy to advise!