Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Carers

What should we bring for our child?
A named bag is ideal so that you can include toiletting items and a change of clothes. Please do not include any drinks, food, medications or creams of any kind. Speak to a member of staff if unsure.

Does it matter if my child is still in nappies/pull ups?
No problem, all children are welcome. We will work with you to support their needs, please provide adequate supplies of pull ups/nappies/wipes etc in their bag.

My child is staying for lunch – what should I do?
Please provide a healthy lunch and drink ideally in a suitable named insulated lunchbag – we ask that grapes, etc are pre cut lengthways, and that if you are including a fruit shoot drink please remove the plastic cap as these are common choking hazards. Please think about portion size.

Can my friend/relative collect my child?
Yes, that is fine, but we will not release your child without a completed permission slip. You will also need to inform your friend/relative of your password. If it is an emergency you can telephone us and speak to the Manager or a Deputy.

What should my child wear?
Comfortable clothing that can easily be removed for toiletting – we teach and encourage self care skills e.g trousers that can be pulled down or sleeves that can be pulled up easily will help your child to gain independence. We have lots of fun at Pre school and although we provide aprons sometimes we may get messy so please keep their best clothes for home.

How can I get involved?
Come in and help occasionally during a session. Or, if you have a skill or a hobby that you could share with the children, let us know. We hold regular fundraising events and always appreciate donations or offers of help.

How can I support my child ?
Please take a look at the EYFS information that we have supplied. Spend some quality time with your child – talking, reading, playing games etc. Please feel free to use our home library located in the foyer.

Finally, keep us informed – If your child has done something that you are proud of; helped to tidy up, dry overnight etc.; fill in a WOW star! If you have you been to a family event or had a special day out, fill in a Home News slip! These are located in the foyer area, please ask if you require any more information.